Beeck Studio Custom Modern European Kitchens in Miami

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Whether your project is residential or a multi-unit development, Beeck Studio has a comprehensive selection of kitchens, bathrooms, closets and other fitted European cabinetry furniture.

What makes Beeck unique is its business model of providing four tiers of cabinetry…


Exahlted to a higher level of German engineering, this line of kitchens have taken numerous years to develop and evolve. Built-in technologies, the finest quality materials are combined in a way to achieve the most luxurious results.


Every home has its own personal character and goals. Whether a large family or smaller sized house hold, this tier of kitchens can appeal to most with allowances for customization.


For simple kitchen upgrades in a starter home, investment property or for rentals that may need to endure different types of families. This line of cabinets provide an affordable, streamlined, straight-forward solution.


Condominiums, Apartments, Townhomes, Mullti-unit developments have their own needs and demands. Beeck Studio's Project team is well equipped to meet these - from more than 5 units to the thousands at a time.
BEECK Studio – Custom Luxury European Kitchen Design in Miami

Working with Beeck Studio

Beeck works with you and their preferred suppliers to provide you with the best line to fit your needs and goals. When working with us, designing a space takes a team of knowledgeable designers.

All of our designers are trained in the European product and are certified Interior Designers. When designing a space for example, several ideas are taken into consideration:

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We are the manufacturer, no longer than necessary lead times and no middle company.


All of the factories we work with are European, and surpass the quality requirements by the United States Government’s. Our products are lower in formaldehyde than most other companies. The European standard in furniture is the highest in the world. No other furniture is better made, with the utmost attention to quality of materials and detail. 


Each cabinet is inspected and checked for quality before being packaged, and before leaving the factory. The packaging department uses specific materials and labels to ensure each cabinet (not flat packed) is protected in the best way before sending it on its route. 


Our cabinets come pre-built, meaning less room for error and our installation team is the best in the Nation, having installed thousands of kitchens.


Efficient white-glove delivery service from our warehouse to your home. Our local delivery service has the Midas touch when it comes to storing, loading, delivering and unpacking your products to ensure they arrive directly into your home unscathed. 

Modern luxury European Kitchen design by Beeck Studio in Miami
BEECK Studio – Custom Luxury European Kitchen Design in Miami



Beeck Studio Team

Long time expert, Albert Migliori, has been in the kitchen industry since the 1990s.

Prior to starting Beeck Studio, Albert was an executive / COO at prestigious custom German cabinetry companies. He and his wife have joined forces to distribute the Beeck products to enhance a home’s beauty with European fitted furniture.

With two locations and a third location in the works, the Beeck team is growing to provide you unsurpassed European cabinetry furniture.

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